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Jul 27, 2018

In this episode the guys talk about:

3:09 special guest Seb Brady talks about a lot of Y-Wings

18:14 Store Champion Charles Walker talks about his store champ win

1:02:17 Corescant prizes and twitter polls

1:43:44 Final Salvos

2:17:56 Bonus Audio

Hosts: Tanker Eugen, Will "Squadfather" Eldridge, Christopher Williams, Brandon "Mr Rogers" Griffith

Jul 12, 2018

Richard "Hsunami" Hsu wins a store championship! 

:39 Store Champs

31:21 FFG Fire spray article

52:37 Imperial and Scum conversion kits revealed

1:22:40 Final Salvos

Cast: Richard "Hsunami" Hsu, Brent "Predator" Wong, Austin "Gonk" Todd, Tanker "Darth Salty" Eugen, Will "Squad Father" Eldridge and Brandon "Mr. Rodgers" Griffith. 

Jun 26, 2018

In this episode Richard "Hsunami" Hsu, Tanker Eugen, Brandon "Mr. Rodgers" Griffith and Will "Squad Father" Eldridge talk about the System Opens at Origins and Seattle, Store Championships and the new preview article (the second one) for the Scum Falcon and of course final salvos.  

Jun 14, 2018

In this episode Tanker Eugen, Brandon "Mr Rogers" Griffith, Will "Squad Father" Eldridge, Christopher Williams, Brent "Predatory Ruling" Wong and Richard "Hsunami" Hsu talk about the preview article for Lando's Falcon, FFG's AMA on Reddit and upcoming Store Championships. 

May 31, 2018

In this episode Gene Hogle, Will "Squad Father" Eldridge, Brandon "Mr. Rodgers" Griffith and The "Hsunami" Richard Hsu talk about what ships they are looking forward to in 2.0, what ships they are worried about and what lists they might create going forward. Of course they have their final salvos and some bonus content at the end. 

May 15, 2018

In this episode Gene Hogle, Derek "Darth" Drohan, Will "Squad Father" Eldridge, Chistopher Williams, CQ and Richard "Hsunami" Hsu talk about the Tie Reaper, Worlds, X-Wing 2.0 and of course their Final Salvos.

Apr 30, 2018

In this episode The "Squad Father" Will Eldridge, CQ, Martin "Trog Mode" Bolt, Brandon "Mr. Rodgers" Griffith and Gene "Darth Salty" Hogle talk about the Trog Mode open, wave 14 preview article, Worlds FAQ, Worlds Predictions and as always the guys have their final salvos. 

Mar 21, 2018

In this episode Gene Hogle, CQ, Kas and Kevin recap the most frequent Regionals including the trip to Team Covenant in Tulsa. Final Salvos: Kas - X-Wing fellowship, Kevin - Don't blame your dice, CQ - Keep your strategy in mind. 

Mar 6, 2018

In the episode the guys talk about wave 14 Saw's Renegades and The Tie Reaper. We also talk about 512th's trip to the Houston and Covington Regionals, Worlds registration and the Trog Mode Open. And of course the final salvos. Derek: Team Covenant, Will: Props to Brent Wong, Christopher: Obstacle Placement, Martin: The Meta is fine, Gene: Sportsmanship 

Feb 10, 2018

In this episode Gene "Darth Salty" Hogle, Derek "Darth" Drohan, Will "The Squad Father" Eldridge, Brandon "Mr Rodgers" Griffith and Austin Todd talk about the last three major regionals (Indiana, Atlanta and New Mexico).

The new FAQ.

The new X-Wing menace list, the Ghost/Fenn build.

Final salvos: Derek - Don't over tech

Will - Stick with your list

Brandon - Remember your anchor

Austin - Respect for your opponent

Gene- Worlds registration.

Jan 21, 2018

In this episode Derek "Darth" Drohan, Will "The Squad Father" Eldridge and Gene "Darth Salty" Hogle Talk about the System Open at PAX South. They also talk about the Current Meta including the Nym/Miranda menace and how to beat that list. As always final Salvos.

Derek - Palp is back!

Will - Don't let anyone else determine your level of fun

Gene - Big thanks to Cascade Gaming

Dec 14, 2017

In this episode Will "The Squad Father" Eldride, Gene "Darth Salty" Hogle, AC Handstedt, with special guests Tom Gilder and Aaron Messick discuss the results and lists of the Austin Regional, what the meta looks like early on, and how the new waves held up under competition. 

Of course the final salvos:

Aaron Messick: know the rules

Will "The Squad Father" Eldridge: Be a gracious loser

AC Handstedt: Shout out to the X-Wing community

Gene "Darth Salty" Hogle: Regional shout outs

The Christmas starter bundle donated by Tom Gilder

Nov 6, 2017

In this episode Gene "Darth Salty" Hogle, Will "The Squad Father" Eldridge, AC Handstedt and Derek "Darth" Drohan talk about the new FAQ and what it means.  They also preview the M12-L Kimokila and the Gunboat. 

Of course there is the final Salvo's

Gene - Tournament formats used in major events

Will - Don't be a chicken little

Derek - CQ won a game?! and Defenders are back

AC - Do your homework and Study. 

Sep 26, 2017

In this episode Gene "Darth Salty" Hogle, Will "The Squad Father" Eldridge, AC "The Producer" Handstedt and the 512 Squadron Nationals Ambassador, special guest Jesse Van Wick talk about Wave XIII, The U.S. Nationals, and the Pilot Skill 4-7 Pilots you may be over looking. 

Of course we end with our final salvos:

Gene "Darth Salty" Hogle - Worlds Registration

Will "The Squad Father" Eldridge - Getting started (X-Wing Proxy)

Jesse Van Wick - Don't be a dick (keeping x-wing tournaments fun)

AC "The Producer" Handstedt - Aping a meta list (Make it your meta)

Shout Outs! 

Aug 27, 2017

In this episode Gene "Darth Salty" Hogle, Will "the Squad Father" Eldridge, Derek "Darth Drohan" and Brandon "Mr. Rodgers" Griffith talk about:

Harpoon Missiles

Wave XII spoiler



Final Salvos:

Derek - Imperial Jank

Brandon - Target Priority

Will - Your Weakness

Gene - Tournament Guide/Tournament Etiquette 

Aug 11, 2017

In this episode I, Gene "Darth Salty" Hogle, Will "The Squad father" Eldridge, Brandon "Mr Rogers" Griffith and AC Handstedt talk about the following:

Top Stories:

More of the Starviper is revealed (Pilots and Ion Discharger)

The FAQ leak and thoughts on the play testing program. 

After Action:

Store championship reviews

Docking Bay:

State of X-Wing and post Wave XI

Final Salvos:

Will "the Squad Father" Eldridge - Initiative bid

Brandon "Mr Rodgers" Griffith - Pick what you want your list to do

AC Handstedt - Learning curve

Gene "Darth Salty" Hogle - Death of a Dragon? 

Jul 17, 2017

In this episode Gene Hogle, AC Handstedt, and the "Squad Father" Will Eldridge talk about the first store championship for Wave 11. 

We talk about all the most interesting builds and lists from Knight Watch Store Championship and Dragon's Lair Austin Store Championship. 

Docking bay: Missiles, Torpedoes, and bombs. 

We also talk about upcoming events and Wargamescon. 

By the way, the sound has been fixed. Sorry about last episode. 

Jul 9, 2017

Warning! There was some issue with the audio. This may be difficult to listen to. Good content just bad sound. I debated even releasing this. Lesson learned. 

In this episode AC, Derek "Darth" Drohan, Will "Squad Father" Eldridge and Gene Hogle talk about the rest of the Wave 11 that wasn't spoiled. 

After Action: Store Championship season so far. Mothership and Game closet (Waco) recaps.

Docking Bay: Imperial bombing runs also Netlisting, good or bad?

Final Salvo:

Derek - Squad Upgrades

Will - Don't be afraid to innovate 

AC - The new scyks, take them on a test drive

Gene - Mix up the tournament scene (alternate tournament formats)


Jun 11, 2017

In this episode Gene "Darth Salty" Hogle, Derek "Darth" Drohan, AC Handstedt, "Mr Rodgers" Brandon Griffith, and special guest "Ruthless" Carlos go over:

After action: The results from the European Championship.

Top Stories: The Guns for Hire preview 

Docking Bay: Theorycraftastrophe (the trap of planning too much and playing to little. Each of the crew designs their own Khiraz and Star Viper builds.

Final Salvos:

Carlos - Kid tournaments

Brandon - Opening moves

Derek - Scum don't need any help

AC - When to commit your force 

Gene - Go to tournaments 

May 26, 2017

Episode 12

In this episode the newly promoted AC Handstedt is with Brandon "Mr. Rodgers" Griffith, Will "Squad Father" Eldridge and Gene "Tanker Eugen" Hogle talk about.....

The tie Aggressor: More info shared by FFG about this new ship.

After Action Review: Mage's Sanctum Store Championship, first of the season. 

Docking bay: A new segment highlighting the meta and list building. This week we talk about ARC-170 vs Tie/SF, Whoamega success part 2, and what ship would you love to play if all the ships were equally playable. 

Final Salvo's:

Will: What list should you fly.

Brandon: Kicking off the rust with new lists. 

AC: Sleeper/Hot upgrade cards

Gene: Rules, sharing templates and dice with your opponent. 


May 10, 2017

This week Gene Hogle, Christopher Williams, AC Handstedt and the Squad Father Will Eldridge recap the entire FFG Worlds experience including

The prize wall

Hanger bays

The meta


Christopher's run

The top 16 all the way to the final

The top ships from all three factions

Some new music provided by O'Henry middle schools Kate Ivie - Flute, Alanna Arraguz - Trumpet, Miles Carr - Trombone, recorded by Justin Smith, provided by Wesley Wright. 

May 3, 2017

In this episode Derek "Darth" Drohan, AC Handstedt, Will " The Squadfather" Eldridge, Brandon "Mr Rodgers" Griffith and myself Gene Hogle do a quick recap of the Hoth Open Series and the Stele Open. We also dive in to what we expect to see at Worlds meta wise. All the guys drop their prediction on what the winning list at worlds will be. 

Also, as usual everyone fires their final salvo:

Will - Go to tournaments!

Brandon - Don't be afraid to get your ass kicked 

Derek - Past is prologue 

AC - Tie SF (just play what you want, have fun!)

Gene - Wargames Con Store Championship (sponsored by Nerdstock) and the Golden Raider. 

Mar 20, 2017

In this episode Gene Hogle, Will "Squad father" Eldridge, Daniel Stevenson, and Abby Carrasco talk about the rest of the information revealed about the new Scyk cards that come with the CROC.

We talk over the recently revealed Wave XI ships and cards.

We talk about the winning squads from the Naboo and Tatooine Open Series. We have the links to the Open series videos on the 512 Squadron Facebook page. 

Final salvos: 

Gene Hogle Upcoming Worlds event. 

Will, Abby, and Daniel have beginner tips. 

Mar 10, 2017

In this episode Gene Hogle, Derek "Darth" Drohan, Marc "Pure" Sebo, Daniel Stevenson, and "The Squad Father" Will Eldridge discuss all of the new FAQ (4.3.0) that FFG just dropped. They talk about how that will effect the meta going forward. 

Gene and Derek discuss how they play tested the changes in the FAQ, specifically the Tie X7, Palpatine, and Manaroo nerfs. 

Final Salvos:

Gene - Different ways to play x-wing.

Will - Don't fly meta!

Derek - Meta going forward.

Daniel - Practice your lists!

Marc - FFG using FAQ's to shape the way ships are flown. 

Mar 5, 2017

In this episode Gene Hogle Derek "Darth" Drohan and the "squad father" Will Eldridge do a complete recap of the Tulsa regional at the Team Covenant store.

We give a recap of some of the other regionals that have occurred since the Mustafar Open.

Finals salvos this week include "don't be in a hurry to get yo ass whooped" Gene Hogle. Learn your list and stick with it, Will Eldridge. Derek Drohan talks about the epsilon shuttle going forward. 

We even have another contest! Build an upsilon shuttle list for a chance to win a Mustafar Open Card. 

Thanks for listening!

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